Welcome to our Star Family!

Below are Starbeings who are my close friends and whom I call 'Star family'.

Our intention is to connect with others and be of assistance with our specialized services.  They are skilled in gifting Earth with ET Communication, ET Music,

ET Sculptures, ET Healing and more!


Jacquelin Smith

Jacquelin is Hybrid Star Being who has 30+ years experience as a professional psychic.  She is a pioneer in the field of telepathic communication with animals, and her new book "Star Origins" is a compilation of 44 precious animal Beings who incarnated from other worlds to share their messages with Humanity.   Jacquelin also offers her psychic services to people too!  For example: those seeking their own "STAR ORIGINS", or "Reconnecting with Star Family" and "Processing Contact Experiences."  Jacquelin has multiple books, DVDs and lectures on teaching people how to communicate telepathically with Star Beings and animal Beings.  You can reach her by email at: jacquelinsmith@jacquelinsmith.com

Or click on her website listed below and then on "Services For You." 



David Armstrong

David has been gifted since he was a boy with a strong connection to his spirit guides. After an accident where his arm was crushed and nearly amputated, he prayed to regain use of his arm so he could continue playing music. He vowed if his arm were to be restored he would focus on creating spiritual music. David’s spirit guides used his musical ability to channel songs with the intent to empower mankind at the individual level. The compositions of the songs along with additional specific frequencies combine to trigger physical healing and spiritual development. He released three albums recently, featuring a diverse, yet soothing set of songs.  His newest album titled "Galactic Groove",  features songs that have been brought from various universes through an energy being from the Andromeda region.  You can hear some of the selections at their website:  www.LittleSwanPublishing.com 


Cynthia Crawford

Cynthia was born a twin, but with totally different blood and tissue type than her sister (and the rest of her family).  Since childhood, she has endured numerous alien contacts, examinations, impregnations and miraculous healings.  Cynthia's life changed dramatically after learning from her own father that she is an ET Hybrid from a government experiment.  Her life work includes sculpting ETs that come infused with the ET's own energy!  Cynthia even explains to buyers, If you do not want to have  contact or communication with the star people, please do not order these sculptures!

"My Beings do not allow me to make any sculptures that are not of the LOVE & LIGHT, for all of the sculptures carry this frequency and I am not allowed to bring darkness into this world." 







"My lifelong Encounters have always been with those Beings known on Planet Earth as 'Greys' or 'Zetas' and information on them was first given to me by a Romany Elder.  I certainly don't claim to have all the answers on ET/Human Contact, but at the same time, fifty-odd years of ongoing and sometimes full-conscious Encounters has given me a reasonable insight into the reasons behind this amazing phenomenon which is happening right now to many thousands of people world-wide.  I am a Reiki teacher by profession, which enables me to pass on knowledge / information of Energy Healing given to me by the ET friends, including a most amazing Aura Cleansing technique, which I teach in my seminars.  I am also a Tai Chi Instructor and have studied Traditional Eastern Healing and Spiritual Philosophies in depth for over 20 years. This aspect has provided an even deeper understanding of my ET Contact."