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Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory Show,  11-7-2012


This is my interview with psychic Cassandra Vanzant, Ty Ventura and Shawn Stone.  It was filmed by Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory show and aired on 11-7-2012!
My eyes shift because of the high vibration that comes through as I am connecting directly with my star-family, especially while speaking our language.
This shifting is normal for us Hybrids. Watch my eyes carefully, a slit appears briefly as my pupil adjusts and you can almost see the extra lens moving across my eyes.
My species is called "FAJAN". We are a 5th Dimensional race of Reptilian who come from the Andromeda Galaxy. We are loving and peaceful.
I hope you find comfort in this clip. The full episode shows more on TruTV. My intention was to let other Starseeds know that there are many of us! You are not alone.
Love, Jujuolui




My experiences as an 'Investigator' started in my law-enforcement career where I learned how to collect the facts, observe witness behavior, ask questions to get the most accurate story, interpersonal communication, interpretation of the witness accounts combined with facts and evidence, report writing, privacy of the witnesses, and most of all ethics.



Later in life, I found MUFON and decided to apply my skills and do what I love by becoming a UFO Field Investigator.   After a number of years with MUFON, I realized that it focuses mainly on the "nuts and bolts" of Ufology and does not seem to share their findings with the public.  I decided to leave MUFON and keep records of my own investigations.    MUFON did teach me more about myself, that the important things while documenting each case is to do so in an unbiased manner, without previous judgments and with a very open mind.  I learned that it is best to be metaphysical, to balance spirituality with logic (facts).



I love hearing about other contact experiences - of all kinds.  I do not have to investigate your encounter, but I will if you ask me to.  Otherwise, please share your story with me, or ask me for my perspective on it, by using the box below.  I respect your privacy and will NOT share it with anyone!



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