True Stories of Star Beings on Earth


Are you curious about Star Beings from Sirius, Pleiades, Andromeda, Zeta Reticulum, Nibiru, Lyra and others?   


Do you wonder what it is like on their home planets and why they are here on Earth?  Do you wish to learn about different types of Extraterrestrials such as Insectoids, Human-type, Amphibians and even loving Reptilians?


Are you on a path of self-discovery and find yourself questioning whether you are completely Human?

Do you feel alone?  Different from others?   Or that 'home' is not Earth? 

Do you feel love and compassion beyond what you see in the world?

Do you know that you are not your body, but don't know how to describe it? 

Have you had experiences with UFO's or ETs and you just don't know where to begin looking for answers? 







...Allow us awakened Star Beings who have incarnated on Earth to offer you insight and possible answers to your unique feelings!


Our book is a 247-page Anthology of 18 very different  Star Beings and Hybrids who share our intimate stories with the world through our loving intentions to help awaken others.



   Excerpt from the Introduction:


 "Main societies concern themselves with “First Contact” from an Extraterrestrial race. The funny thing is, depending on who you ask, first contact happened long ago and many times over!  What experience would you qualify as “First Contact”?  That may sound like a silly question, but what type of event would you consider “contact”?  The definition is different for each person.  
It would be wise for people to drop the expectation of ETs coming in their huge ships and landing near major cities of the world (as the TV series “V" portrays). This may actually happen one day, but we are here to inform the people of Earth—we are among you already!"









As a part of my 'Mission Earth', I have compiled this book with the help of my own Star-family, who are know as the Fajan species of Reptilian, from the Andromeda Galaxy.

It is our intention to assist in raising the consciousness of Humanity in preparation for Earth's ascension!



Sale Proceeds from our book go to the following organizations:




  The Southwest Learning and Light Center -  an extracurricular Institute for higher awareness.   http://www.southwestlight.org/index.html


  Heifer International - Heifer's simple yet powerful approach to lifting families out of hunger and poverty (through self-empowerment) has been recognized worldwide, with honors that include the prestigious Hilton Humanitarian Prize.  www.heifer.org









Music for Extraterrestrials by Stephen Thorburn - Sample: