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 Jujuolui Kuita's website was constructed for those seeking information about the newly-released book and those seeking a connection with Star Beings on Earth.


  We welcome anyone who has sincere interests in the subject of UFOs, ETs,  Earth Star Beings and in Ufology itself.



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                     My name is Jujuolui Kuita. 
            (Pronounced Zsho-zsho-lee,  Q-tah)



 Mother Earth, Gaia, sent out a call to the cosmos decades ago, for assistance in her ascension.  Many thousands of beings answered to Gaia's call and came.  Some came to orbit Earth's solar system in their ships, others came into animal forms, while some incarnated into the Human form.

I am one of such Extraterrestrial beings who volunteered to come and chose to incarnate on Earth.


Every Star Being who incarnated has their own unique "Mission: Earth" as well as their own unique perspective.  Most have much love and compassion in their hearts.  However, not all Star Beings are here in 'service to others.'  There are some who's intentions are more 'service to self.'   Please do not fear them nor separate yourself from them in judgment.  You do not have to condone their behavior, but we are all one and we each deserve unconditional love.   


I have gained many memories of my home planet Faqui, located in the Andromedan Galaxy, and of my people, the Fajans.  I also came to recall my personal Mission, which is to unite with and help awaken other 'Starseeds' - and assist in lifting the vibrational energies for Earth's  ascension.  Raising the vibration happens naturally because our souls carry the vibration from our Home Planets.  This is the reason many of us incarnated.  To be on Earth right now is very exciting!  Gaia is being monitored by an unfathomable amount of Beings!!

It is time to put our character to test and try to be the best Beings we can - by helping one another.  This is Humanity's hour - to evolve with Mother Earth and go forward in your divine right!  We came to be of assistance.




 The gorgeous Andromeda Galaxy:






Star Beings all over planet Earth are uniting at this time... 

Our wish is to give other experiencers and contactees a sense of normalcy, because we are not alone in this.

There are so many of us who understand and maybe even have some answers.  Contact us - we learn from each other!








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