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True Stories of Star Beings on Earth



Approx.  250-page anthology of Starseeds and Hybrid beings

who walk among you



One day in June of 2009, I was reading a very good book that I could not put down.  All of the sudden, my beings communicated to me that I needed to begin compiling stories of Starseeds and Hybrids for a book.  I was in shock by this communication because I have never done such a thing.   They explained that I would be assisted by them during the entire project and that I needed to contact my close friend NOW.  I basically told them, "After this book."   That was when a flow of urgency raced through me like a fire being lit beneath my butt.  I knew I had to stop reading and contact my friend, who also happens to be an ET Hybrid.  I saw the future vision of the book (as it appears on the left side here), so I knew it would come to be!

As a part of my 'Mission Earth', I have compiled this book with the help of my crew mates who are also called the Faquian Council.  I am a part of this Council, but I am the Earth representative for our people.  We call our planet Faqui and it lies in the spectacular beauty of the Andromeda Galaxy.


Each Starbeing listed in the book is awakened to their ET identity and origins.  These 18 brave Starbeings volunteered to share their own personal, true stories with the world so that other Starbeings on Earth could awaken.  The diversity between each story is perfect for this purpose.  We hope to be of assitance in other's awakening to their Star origins, for it is time!  It is also our intension to help expand the minds of Humanity in preparation for the coming Shift. 


Each Starbeing had an outline of questions to answer and they shared what they felt was appropriate and timely for the book.   You will notice this in the written style of the stories as you read them.  Each being is very different, has varying degrees of abilities, yet are awakened to who they are and their missions here on Earth.  This is why they were chosen and frankly, brought to me in divine ways!

Hunab Ku


Sale Proceeds from our book go to the following organizations:

  The Southwest Learning and Light Center -  an extracurricular Institute for higher awareness.

  Heifer International - Heifer's simple yet powerful approach to lifting families out of hunger and poverty (through self-empowerment) has been recognized worldwide, with honors that include the prestigious Hilton Humanitarian Prize.