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ET Contact / MIB - Tonopah, Arizona 

July 1, 2009 - 10:30 PM (report unedited): While in the desert near the Palo Verde Nuclear Plant, the main witness and some friends saw a very large triangle shaped UFO. They were driving down a dirt road and saw a bright flashing light. They had seen objects in the area before and their intentions were to look for UFO’s. According to the witnesses, people that live in this area have been chased in their cars and seen objects on a regular basis. They went off the road behind some mountains, and no sooner had they come around the mountain they saw the large flashing light. All of them were scared but, at the same time, curious.
The main witness friend’s girlfriend was crying and telling them to turn around; they got within 2 to 300 yards from the light. It was the size of three football fields, triangular in shape, and had windows around it. It was about 3 stories tall, and about 30 feet off the ground, they flashed their lights and it flashed back, in the same sequence of flashes. The main witness and his friend, James, got out of the car and walked closer. The closer they got, the better they could make out what was standing in the windows. They could see small big headed aliens, and then 7 to 9 foot tall aliens, they based this on the size of the windows. Some of the windows they could see through, the other windows were dark, but then the dark windows, cleared up one by one, and as they went clear more and more aliens appeared on the windows. James was supposedly videotaping the whole time. The main witness was terrified but excited at the same time.
They walked closer and had to stop because the heat coming from the craft was so intense. The craft hovered and then landed. A large panel at the bottom of the craft opened and two aliens proceeded to walk out. This absolutely terrified the witnesses, but they couldn’t move or talk. The main witness remembers trying to scream and run but they couldn’t move or talk. Two others were in the car honking the horn, and screaming for them to come back, but they couldn’t respond or move.
The aliens walked up to within 20 feet of them. One of them was very thin and tall, about 8-9 feet, the other one was about 3-4 feet tall. The witnesses stood there in amazement, shocked because they couldn’t move or speak. Then calmness came over them and the aliens began speaking to them telepathically, they were saying not to be scared that they were not going to harm them. This “conversation” went on between the 4 of them for 15-20 minutes. They said they were here to help us, so that we would not destroy our planet, and that there was a horrible event coming soon, that it had to be stopped. One of the witnesses asked if it was something like ‘9/11’ and they said that it was bigger and that it would come from the Middle East. The main witness then thought to himself that he had been in this situation before and the tall alien heard his thoughts and repeated his name and said that yes, he had been visited before when he was 6 years old in Deming, New Mexico. He had been in the desert exploring and they had talked to him then. He had blocked that out, but it all suddenly came back, they said they knew they were coming and wanted them to warn people about global warming and what was to come if they didn’t take start taking care of our planet. Visions of disaster then entered their heads, as if to show them what was to come.
The taller alien then walked closer, and held his hand. He was no longer scared, neither was his friend, James. They said that they would see them again soon and to warn people about ‘saving our planet’. Supposedly James was recording the whole time. The aliens then returned to the craft and it was gone in a split second. When the craft left they both felt weak, but managed to make their way back to the car, when they got there the occupants of the car, Heather and Jamie, were not crying anymore they just hugged the witnesses.
For a minute the car would not start and suddenly it just turned on by itself. As they started to drive away three military helicopters appeared and began shining their lights on the witnesses. Then two military Hummers showed up and chased the witnesses. They tried to avoid the Hummers but were told over a speaker to pull over or they would be forced to shoot at them. They pulled over and military personnel surrounded their vehicle.
Two men dressed in black opened the door and asked them to get out. One of them looked familiar to the main witness. He asked the witnesses to get out and both questioned them, while the military personnel searched the car. They asked them what they had seen, how long they had been there and if they had had any contact with the alien ship. One of the soldiers then found the video camera. The men in black reviewed it and told the witnesses they were not to speak of this, they then confiscated the camera and took the main witness with them. The other 3 witnesses asked where they were going and they told them not to worry about it. He left with them and they questioned him further. He kept staring at one of the men since he looked familiar. They then dropped him off on the I-10 highway near Tonopah Joe’s restaurant. There he was later picked up by his friends.
Source: NUFORC
NOTE: this area is in western Maricopa County, Arizona, approximately 50 miles west of downtown Phoenix off Interstate 10. The community of Tonopah is near the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, the largest nuclear power plant in the country. There have been considerable UFO/alien accounts from this general area including rumors that an underground facility is nearby.



The Heather Material

Heather JJ Anderson

I acknowledge that all the information held within this document is true; I also acknowledge that the sharing of this information is a breach of my sworn oath and a direct violation of my clearance.

I assume total and all responsibility for the information presented in this document and assume total responsibility for any or all repercussions.  I give this document with free will and clear understanding of its value.

Table of Contents

Project Phoenix

Operation Retaliation 

The Alpha and the Omega’s

Project Ember 

Project Damocles

Project Elysium 

Recent Activity


Back Ground My name is not important, I believe that if I were issue my name and rank the powers that

be will hurt my family or friends as they have stated that they would do upon violation of the terms of

clearance that was issued to me.  I have worked with some of the greatest scientists such as Dr. Voevodin has proven himself to be an inventor and an innovator. He invented hybrid plasma processes for the synthesis of new nanocomposite coatings, advancing coating technologies in the Air Force industrial base.  He is also responsible for developing new hybrid deposition technologies that increase space reliability requirements.

As much as I would love to talk about myself I feel that will draw unwanted attention that I am simply

concentrate on the matter in hand, I have gone through the archived information and done my best to

describe it and cut to the chase so to speak. The Jargon is very confusing at times due to the

abbreviations and in some cases equations, so round the information off to the nearest source is the

best way to go, but of course when you read the archived information you shall see what I mean and

hopefully will be able to follow it through its entirety. I understand that you are very busy and do not

have hundreds of hours to decipher the delicate information at hand, so I believe this is the best course

of action, further more should anything happen to myself which is a possibility then I must ensure that

you have the big picture and not just a sample.  Should anything happen to me you have my full express permission to publish all information on me including my name, and personal information so other researchers can follow the research, but they do so at their own risk.

Project Phoenix

This project was one a codex that was issued to everybody who worked on the within the program. This

involved taking a human subject and augmenting his body to the point of mutilation, it was a sister

program to project talent.

January 2006

They took young strong subjects boys in their teens from all over North America, after the subjects had been drugged and tagged, “Tag” electronically branded with seven biological transmitters, and three coding serials.   After that the subjects were prepared for surgery, this included placing biologically organic computer components’ into the subjects body, we took microchips that self stimulated electromagnetic growth, around the codes of the subjects DNA, this was extremely taxing and time consuming. But was a necessity so as not to create an auto immune conflict within the host. After the DNA had been chipped, it was time to augment the vital organs, we placed wired enhancers that were stimulated and powered buy the human bodies own static, and we have enough static in our bodies to power a locomotive train. So we augmented the heart, the liver, the spleen every subject’s appendix was removed, as a compound designated KTL white, that was injected twice a day for two months solved all biological problems, in some case’s kidneys and liver were replaced with better units, we cloned vital organs in special growth hypo baric chambers, not hard at all just not professionally ethical, The units had augmented and enhanced biological organs, that were also chipped, but growing them using the hosts DNA and nanotechnology, these microcells can repair tissue rapidly on contact, they can heal a cut that needs stitches in a matter of hours. But scar tissue is not repairable.  Jonathan Casery was one of the leading surgeons and he kept a log that I have included in the documentation that you will receive, but he talks of the problems surrounding the units.  I also saw firsthand the psychological issues the units dealt with, when they were activated they would often just cry, or walk in circles and rock back and forth, the brain could not handle the electrical outputs of the various devices and implants and it also messed with motor skills of the unit. On paper these guys were the fastest and strongest humans we have, in theory they were emotional wrecks with no idea who they were or what they were. This was the start of my turn against the system as they were all in the ages of 17 and 18 years old, they were just babies, young men that were tortured.


March 2006

So we knew the problems and had some positive solutions, we took four subjects and attached brain

augments these were cutting edge, to us that is, they required and additional electrical input, so we had

to have a HEGY cable “HEGY cable” Homosapatic electromagnetic grounding yarn” running throughout the body but we had really run into some issues, the nanometers did their job to well and thus made operating extremely difficult. The only solution was partial cryogenics where in we froze portions of the body and specify targeted areas such as cutting the fingers then freezing them to slow the progression of the healing process, these nanometers were not able to reproduce so there were only so many in one body, how many I have no idea, as that was classified.  So after the brain implants were installed and activated we ran into more problems, unlike the older models no compartment for the installed information was made so all information that got uploaded was fed into one persona, so we had four units that had one personality, with no safety. So the first time they were activated to test their reflexive response they killed five people, two doctors and three soldiers, because these were trails, no safe words or tones or safety protocols were implemented, a very bad mistake that cost us some lives. Three of the units were terminated during this incident. I can also provide you with the names of the doctors and their families that were told this was an training accident, involving a radiation leak, total BS, we do not use any radioactive material, other than out MRI machines, that are not magnetic by the way, our X‐ray machines do not use radiation.  So the fourth unit was alive, but could not walk due to a processing problems between the brain and the implant, the whole Project was a terrible waste of human life and a disaster, but we had received new muscle enhancers that had to be tested and so we soldiered on through this trying time. The fourth unit that was called Keith, he remembered his name and his past and suffered from bouts of depression and anxiety, but was locked into room for several weeks, I remember him begging for food, this was considered interesting because the units took nutrients into their blood stream through injections and did not need or could not digest human food like they once used to. But an unforeseen side affect was

hunger, he did not need the food, but he still had the craving for it and he felt hungry all the time, the

injections fed his body what it needed but his mind could not grasp that principle.  After some more experiments I was issued some down time and took a month to help with a special project in Canada, they had a human subject that absorbed chlorophyll and we wanted to utilize this so I was asked to observe the subject and make a log, this too shall be included in the research presented.


July 2006

When I came back, the units were running along better than they had before, we had lost thirty percent,

due to automation difficulties, complications during surgery and suicide, we had one unit that broke his

own neck and five other units that observed this followed suit and terminated themselves. The

memories that were supposed to be wiped clean, were causing problems because of the cranial

implants and brain implant, all kinds of problems were occurring, bad dreams waking dreams, and the

most terrifying memories and traumatic were dreams of birth. It has been said birth is worst than any

death you shall experience. After watching some of these units relive this traumatic experience I am

inclined to agree.

December 2006

We received a order stating that the units were going to be deployed in Operation Retaliation in the

summer of 07, and to make sure that they were ready for combat, so we were given a few months to

iron out the kinks.  We worked very closely with the units until February of 07, when a man from the department of defense came to the facility, we were actually excited to show off the units and their enhancements, we had solved many of the emotional problems using electrical stimulation, but our excitement turned to shock when he gave the order to destroy every unit, as better alternatives had recently been authorized, when asked about “etaliation”we was said to have stated “we have waited this long, a few more years won’ hurt”I aided and facilitated the murder of over six hundred units, the way these men were herded and culled like cattle should be considered a war crime, and I know that I am also responsible, and I deserve to die for my actions. Even the fourth unit was lead out of his room and given a lethal overdose of potassium, whilst the nanometers can repair the organic tissue they cannot restart the heart, his body was processed much like the others, the powers that be had decided that if they were to spend all this money to create these units, they would profit off their death and fallen units were processed and refined into what they passed off as healthy vitamins that contained flaxseed oil and Omega 3,

incidentally Omega 3 was the name of this overall project that had many different projects within it, it

was definitely an onion layer.  I have no idea what the vitamin was called or what company they used to issue this I imagine it was Merck as they often use recycled biological waste in their vaccines and have been linked to our operations in the manufacture of Biological warfare, we even had sponsors who wanted to try various chemicals on the units to determine effect on live organics.

Operation Retaliation

From what was disclosed to me, This was due to be a mock invasion using our own units, to overpower

and control our military, we have factions of military personnel that know what is going to happen and

fight tooth and nail to stop the plans for the new 2oth century from taking place, including the de

population of the planet, but not by nuclear war, of course one or two bombs will fly before the war is

over, but if you infiltrate the military and cut the cord of some of the troublemakers, then we can get

back on track and continue down our unfettered path, to global domination.

These units were designed to be the best of the best, one unit was equal to ten human units and

superior to any human being, they could calculate faster, they ran faster, they did not get tired quickly,

they jump higher and longer, they had no need for water or to stay hydrated, as their organics were able

to recycle certain waste into a hydration unit in the base of the spinal Colum.

They were going to be turned on the US army, and then who ever decided not to fall into line, so the

possibility of them being turned on the people was very real, but the problem with Retaliation was they

did not know themselves until they received the order from a higher power, the documents as you shall

see is up to the point of issuing orders to the units, to kill key members of the armed forces, but the rest

of the document over 39 pages is blank, and written in a water mark on says “under constructive


The Alpha and the Omega’s

In September of 07 we were presented with our future, Omega 13 was the designation of one unit that

was our prototype, we had DNA samples from our previous units and the metal frames were brought in

these grew living human tissue around the frames, also we would take a human and remove the spinal

cord and place the exactor and this grew a combination of metal and enhanced bone,

All of our doubts and issues with phoenix had gone, this was cutting edge/space age, nobody had used

equipment like this, and we felt like pioneers in our fields even though we were essentiality standing on

the shoulders of giants that had already constructed the exoskeletons, and we were simply the assembly

crew, none of us felt like that.

We saw these units had facets of humanity and their personalities were controllable, they did get

confused but had less issues than the phoenix units, I have explained I have had a relationship with unit

0100101/ Rodger as his name was but would not answer to, again these units could not be harmed by

chemical weapons, you could put a nine millimeter slug in the units chest but the bullet would never

breach the exoskeleton to harm the organs, some of the units were amazing to watch them grow, they

would be in a sleep induced coma, as you saw muscles grow in a period of hours over the metallic

surface of the exoskeletons.

And once again they could pick up a tank, but would suffer damage to their tissue, they are not easy to

spot but , they are big men, they sweat a waxy substance, on command that protects their skin against

chemicals or acidic compounds such as VX, the nervous system works independently so neurotoxin is

ineffective, and due to the a self oxygenating chamber in the neck feeding through to two gas chambers

in the chest they do not breath, they could literally survive in space, with no suit as they have internal

heat.  This is their biggest problem as they tend to overheat, and considering each unit contains a smart bomb then they could very well be the cause of any nuclear attack. We have 29 units in the USA today that

have been active since 2008, I have codes to shut down 66 of these units but by now there are many

more, but I do not know how many.

A report that was leaked to our department spoke of these units stopping an alien attack and then being

used to enforce the government of the united countries. Also these units are multicultural men can pass

for every color and creed; they can also simulate/feign death.  These units shall either be the greatest asset to the human race, or the biggest nightmare that we have brought upon ourselves.  As I have stated I have 15 codes that can be issued as orders to the units to make them stand down and essentially disable them.  This is a very simple process the codes can be input through a neurological net work that is maintained by a computer network called OAMN “Organic Access Memory Network” you simply attach a flash drive with the codes place them in each corresponding units main drive, you can input these manually into a special clacker that is developed for each unit but that is time consuming, a decent hacker would be able to do this with entry into the department of defense you can gain access, my personal station log on is also included, but as our access to the network was limited we could not even see the network we were logged onto, even emails are prohibited. I have kept some for myself as leverage.

Log on: CGHY 8314168245 E, Pass Leisure45, changed every three days, but most people use the same word but change the last digit.  Disarm codes, note: this info is very dangerous, and must not be disclosed to the public.

Project Ember

The following is straight from the log of Shunger, the man responsible for the rejunivation of this


May 26th 2006

I have sent my proposal to Zhan at the farm and am just waiting to see what becomes of this

opportunity that as befallen me, I feel that at times, I should be one of the decision makers and not

having to wait for a man with no concept or vision to decide my fate.

July 7th 2006

I had a great time during the 4th, I got to see my family for the last time in what I must have to consider a long while, as I finally got my authorization to start my research, my only enemy now is the time that I have left in which to perfect my vision of the future.

August 14th 2006

A very young selection of men and women have been sent my way, I have to wonder what do I really

have to work with and is this new team that the farm has issued me really live up to my expectations? I

do not know I really do not, but regardless I will start trails tomorrow.

August 16th 2006

A hard couple of days for our new students of the game, but a few have really stood out, one in

particular has amazing ability, and he knows it. But I the rest are eager and I would eliminate one, in

spite of the entire team, I cannot let one ambition cloud my own.

October 12th 2006

We are really making head way, and I should start some of the field experiments that I promised the

farm I would. I must take caution though, some of the recruits are restless with the mundane tests and

want to stretch their legs, still we must be cautious if this ever got out.

October 28th 2006

Wonderful they performed the trials with ease, fires blazing all over the mid west, I knew that they

would be able to do this task, but I have to wonder, who is the most powerful out of the forty five? I

must eliminate the dead wood.

January 17th 2007

Things are becoming tense, infighting and disruption within our ranks is evident, my theory to

implement a pecking order has caused nothing but trouble, yet I strive to find out who is better, I know

the farm has told me to stand down the escalating tension, I know what I must do, but at the same time

I cannot, I am compelled to see who is real and who is carrying their own weight in this project.

February 18th 2007

Well all my questions were answered, I have first degree burns on my hand and chest, but yet the fact

that my curiosity has been fulfilled negates any pain I might endure, 35 is indeed the best pyrokentic I

have witnessed and last night burned four of his own test subjects in a controlled environment. Even

after 10 minutes their bodies were still flammable and shouldering, what intense hate makes such a fire

burn so.

April 1st 2007

Human trials begin today, we are using subjects on the blacklist, and the farm has authorized all means,

so I wish to test range using the van.  Additional The trial went very well three marks in as many hours, another group for the spontaneous combustion theories.

August 5th 2007

At last the farm has seen reason 35 has been place back on active trials, I was going to do it anyway, I

cannot let the farm interfere with my current breakthrough, but as it happens they have sent three

remote viewers for the final tests.

September 2nd 2007

Tests went very well, we used RV’s to look at a subject and the PK’s performed multiple tasks heating

the residual area, heating and object and ultimately hitting the designated target.

September 4th 2007

35 got into an altercation with one of the RV’s and we lost him. Now the other two have been ordered

to take 35 back to the farm for debriefing, in my last act here, I have let 35 go, now he can do what he

was meant to in this world and cause it to burn, I have used my ability to take care of certain members

of the farm, and the two remaining RV’s will surely burn in hell as they did in heaven.  That was not all of the transcripts but it gave you a measure of the lunacy of this project and the person behind it, I do not wish to call him a man because throughout the ranks Shunger is a feared man, we have no knowledge of who 35 is, no names were ever allowed, only the farm knows and they do not give out information, incidentally on September 3rd 2007 it was reported that three top officials died in a office fire, I also have the investigation files in the information at hand, The reason I have knowledge is because of 0100101/Rodger has all this information stored he is the unit that aided me and downloaded this to the discs. Thank god for the human soul and the ghost in the machine.  I understand this is taking a while but a great deal of info to go through.  It has been posed to me by a Dr of physics’ that the twin towers metal frames could have been heated using this form of pyrokenisis as they have been working on previous versions of project ember since 1954, furthermore the idea that one a flame is alight then it can be manipulated into the destruction of any facility, we must view all significant acts of arson and things that are burned down with caution and apprehension.

I have let Mr Murphy, Ben work on some of this document in separate parts and then I and I alone issue

the final report, I strongly believe he was a member of Mk Ultra, or along those lines, he has no

multiples but does possess the ability to kill and when I am around this man I feel safe.  He speaks over five languages fluently, he knows many martial arts, but only claims to know one, perhaps his martial knowledge is vast, he also believes in what he is doing and his wife Kinya mentions that his dreams are of military operations in Burma, and in 1994 he an officer killed a child in front of him and he burned his whole command crew, he talks in his sleep, I have also witnessed this. He suffers from nightmares, especially about Egyptian dreams of the god Anubis, now I have heard back during generation 3 trials they implanted icons to control their subjects, as the G2s were not very controllable, the whole alternate thing works very well, but is prone to unreliability, princess Diana’s chauffeur was a G2.

His experience of contact is real I have experience the beings themselves and these are like nothing I

have ever seen or experience in my life, yet so much over the course of my life is like nothing should be,

and the very existence of these “peoples” gives me a great hope for our future and helps to re affirm

that what I have done is the right thing, and my abilities can be put to a much more productive means.

In closing I trust this man and his family and shall continue to do so with my life. And that’s all I have to

say about the Ben.

Project Damocles

Now I worked on the sister project called Trident, I have been told that project Scylla is also another off

shoot of this nightmarish program. The Damocles Project involves taking a human being and walking

through a dimensional jump gate, now, we can already do this, and we do have jump gates to mars and

around the planet. But where we now wanted to go was a place that we cannot exist in real time.

It was 21:31pm on Thursday 10th July 2008, I had just finished working on Rodger, and had shut him down for the night, when my supervisor told me that I was to help with an emergency project

immediately, no option was given to me and my id was removed.

I was taken to a floor I have never been on before, I do not know If I went up or down, I was told that I

needed to sit in a chair whilst an armed solider trained a m9 pistol on me, and he we waited, this room

was empty but just for myself and this solider, he looked very nervous and suddenly a man entered the

room and observed me, I felt a like a drill was entering my head, then the man spoke “ she has a green

light, stand down.” The solider lowered his weapon and I was removed from the room, and it stank of

pine sol and cinnamon sticks, very weird combination.

I was led to a room where I was told that this would be my living quarters until the end of the Project, I

was told to get some rest so I felt very worried, but I did as I was told and slept until 3:33am where a

solider came into my room, and woke me up, I was told to be ready in 5 minutes so I obeyed.

I was led to a hangar where a star gate was housed, I was told by the people around to observe, they

sent a solider through the gate, within a split second the solider emerged, his body was engulfed in

smoke and ash, he was being dragged as he disintegrated by two very large beings that had apparent

scales, one was dark green one was black and red, both were at least seven to eight feet tall,

Their eyes were a beautiful yellow color, yet the feeling of dread that washed over me is a feeling I shall

never forget.

Another solider stepped forward wearing a hasmat suit, and the same thing happened he was burned

into dust only slower and more painful, it was apparent that these soldiers were not doing this by their

own will, no man would volunteer for this, and I wake up at night hearing their screams.

They continued this with HEM suits, but to no avail, I also saw a shielded window that was had polarized

glass with figures behind them that I could not make out. I smelt that familiar smell of pine sol and

cinnamon, but it was intersperse with burnt and charred flesh it was horrible this was not what I signed

up for, but then again, I have done so much that breaks any standard of ethics that I once held so high.

I again apologies it is late I am very tired and we have had a great deal of problems at this hotel the

manager is a good man and has just told us that somebody phone up asking for me by my real name, so

my time here is very short.  I have included my own journal, with my clearance and all the information you will need when publishing this.

Getting back to my job, I was lead back to my room where upon I was told by a high ranking member of

staff that I had to help with cryogenics, this is not my field, my field is bio chemistry and physics but as

abhorrent this was again for the second time in my life I was compelled to stay and help.

I worked on a formula with a group of scientist’s our goal was to lower body temperature to certain

state so that they could pass into this gate, the problem I found was not the other side but the pressure

and depth of the vibrational frequency which is 6th, the human body and materials cannot handle so the break down, upon the atomized clash of this dimension meeting with the 6th the reaction is a

superheating of the particles that have just fluxed in and out of our view of reality, as this happens our

own static charge then ignites our bodies into a fiery furnace of death.

So we successfully sent a cryogenically frozen human subject through the gate and back with no

problems, however upon revival he was brain dead, and we lost the subject due to the residual activity

within the brain was still active, the return trip fried his brain, we had to suppress the static and keep

the man awake, almost zombiefiyed, but then again they too would suffer the same fate upon the

return journey.

When I spoke to one of my superiors upon the option to use one of our units he went to the gate and

was about to pose this question to the polarized window, but before he could finish, one of these beings

call them reptilian if you will that’s the word that fits and describes them the best, grabbed my superior

and dragged him into the gate, then through his charred corpse back into the room, and I felt a severe

pain in my skull and the words “that is a no” enter my head, I ran back to my room and I broke down, I

felt emotionally drained, but one of the beings entered my room and took me back to my work station, I

felt powerless, but for the next few months I worked, More of these reptilian beings were starting to fill

the station and before any of us knew what was happening, the whole place was crawling with these

foul smelling creatures. The fact was we had failed in our task to do our job successfully, more scientists’

disappeared, it came to a point to which work was only to be discussed, I could not talk with anybody

else, nor could I communicate with the outside world.

Tuesday September 1st 2009

What seemed like weeks was months, I cannot recall all of my activities and I am sure that more went

on., but on this day, a huge being walked into my room, he placed his hand out, he was reptilian, he

seemed to smile, but they all look as if they have a grin on their face it’s hard to describe, the arrogance,

but this particular one spoke to me and it was not like a drill in my head any more, it said “ I have

watched you from the beginning.” I immediately went to my bed and started to look for an object to hit

this creature with, then I felt my fear leave my body, I felt a concern for my own welfare wash over me

as if I were in my own third person dynamic, “They will hurt you if you stay” it said, and then escorted

me to a wall, the creature hit the light switch and the doors opened, doors to a lift, “ get your belongings

on the 2nd floor” he said before pushing me into the lift.

As I write this and think back over and over again I wonder was this real or a military test, but upon

hearing bens experience and seeing what he has in his possession, it’s very viable, also I met with his

friends who also describe what I have seen to the tee, his knowledge of their anatomy and, species is

just amazing and the scientist in me would love to gather as much data on them as humanly possible,

but I fear that time is coming and hoax or no hoax, these creatures exist, they are not all friendly and

they do not view us as equals indeed we are far from that.

As I the lift door opened I was greeted with Rodger who had prepared 36 cds of inlet from his own,

memory block. Most of that is technical aspects of my work, upon how these units were made, he gave

me back my Id and clearance, and told me to leave, so that is what I did, I will always remember, the last

time I spoke to Rodger, I felt very emotional, but I had to leave, and upon leaving this facility I heard the

voice for the last time, “Some of us are here to control this planet, some to enslave it further, most wish to rule and claim it, but we are here to protect it”  What was meant by that is unknown, but something was watching out for me that day. As the coast was unusually clear, and I headed straight for my car I have not been home, I felt the intuition to contact Kinya Steplight one of my friends and I did so, they have very kindly taken me in and right now.

Project Elysium

This information is something that was give to me by Rodger, you have to understand the benefit of

these machines is that they are able to hack and surf any network due to their integrated technology,

unfortunately for the united states, they never took into account that one of these machines might hack

their own systems, why? Because Rodger was curious, another unforeseen anomaly.

Elysium is said to be a project on mars conducted by a group of humans that are working and a facility

that call the crucible to awaken a race of beings that are in still life, cyrosleep, but a much more advance

cryo sleep than they thing I have ever heard of, the goal is to awaken and return the gods of the old

world to the new world after the fall of Sera into the new world in which they shall call this Elysium, if

this pertains to the depopulation of the planet I have no idea, most of the project is black, and the

scriptures are very cryptic and not well read so we can only make assumption about the project at this

time and it would be rash to jump into any world ending theories without being privy to all the facts of

this matter.

However the given name itself is rather unsettling. I also understand that the information delivered to

me by a organic robotic person is not the best testimony in the world, the thought that I was released to

tell the world and spread more disinformation has crossed my mind, however the very fact that I have

facilitated and partaken in projects and experiments outside the course of the norm, and violated every

sanction and code of ethics tells me that this is simply a part of the game that they are playing and we

are the pawns be it strategically placed or not, we are in our chosen professions not by chance, but by

choices we have made a long time ago, now we must understand why we made that choice, to quote

the oracle.

Most of the information here might be things that you already know, but I am willing to say put this info

out there, but at your own risk, you can use my alias, but that is all I am willing to give up right now, I

have family that has not been touched yet and if I do submit any info I will do it in person, I just cannot

risk the insecurity of the internet, I can send this info as I shall not be here long enough to be traced

back, and it turns out I am leaving tonight, I have your emails and I shall be closer and able to keep in


Recent Activity

Just so that you guys are aware the government are making things very difficult for me, my bank

accounts have been completely drained, my life insurance policy has been canceled and closed, my

insurance has cancelled and my finance company took back my car due to lack of insurance, I have

opened a new insurance account and have a old car, that will get me from A to B, but these are the

lengths that they have gone to make me sweat and I am indeed sweating.

I have had many people look for me, government sorts, they have gone to my family, I am lucky that I

have some very understanding friends right now. I have a good place to basically hide right now and that

is where I am going, I have left a skin sample that Rodger gave me to Ben, I finally showed him this today

as I am leaving in an hour or so, everybody has been so great that I do not wish to leave but things have

become too dangerous to stay, once at my destination I shall send these CDS to you, we have made

copies and Ben is going to send his CDs on Friday so that if mine do not make it his surely will, I have also included the Eagle Star program that is a viewer and you will need this to decrypt and view the

documents, there is a readme, attached to the file as you do need the rar codes that I have provided

within the readme documents, if you have any problems email myself or Ben and we shall walk you

through it, but it is super easy and self explanatory.

I wish both yourself and Bill Ryan well and I hope and pray that we can have a conversation some time

over coffee and face to face.  For now via condios my friends,

Heather “TC” Anderson